Real-time traceability

Take back control!

There are multiple advantages in controlling your production material inputs in real-time:

  • Accurate product costing at each production run,
  • Accurate material losses map along the production lines,
  • Easy identification of waste and improvement opportunities,
  • Increased quality of the final product,
  • Simplified traceability for legal and internal requirements.

Santinela LTS

Our Santinela Losses and Traceability System enables real-time material traceability, consumption, and losses monitoring of raw and packaging materials on the production lines.

With Santinela, we are already tracking losses related to OEE, respect of standards, maintenance, and labor productivity for each step of the manufacturing process. This module comes as a natural step forward to monitor material losses also, allowing you to take control of your production cost reliably.

Here are some highlights for this module:

  • Real-time digital material consumptions traceability for each material at each production step,
  • Real-time losses monitoring versus the Bill of Materials,
  • Real-time losses mapping along the production line,
  • Real-time losses-related alarms.

There are multiple advantages while using our Santinela Losses and Traceability System::

  • Digital traceability of materials enables the organization to report correctly, control quality-related data and use it for legal requirements and improvement opportunities,
  • Data availability in real-time versus pen&paper system,
  • Easy reporting and data centralization and interpretation,
  • Daily losses reporting versus weekly/monthly that hugely impacts visibility and control,
  • Link between downtimes, problems, and losses at each manufacturing step,
  • Continuous Improvement triggers based on reliable data and shopfloor staff teamwork.,

Our Santinela team is awaiting your call. We can provide demo facilities and references where applicable. Take a test drive today!